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Academic Unit
Course Author
Study Programme
Course Status
Course Description
HZK_022ART OF COMMUNICATION. HERMENEUTICSDepartment of HumanitiesDr.Phil., lecturer Ģirts JankovskisMedicine112B - Restricted elective course2015.12.03.Syllabus
HZK_024CULTURAL INTERPRETATION AND CRITICISMDepartment of HumanitiesDr.phil., lecturer Māra GrīnfeldeMedicine112B - Restricted elective course2015.08.11.Syllabus
CFUBK_025EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH IN MEDICAL CHEMISTRYDepartment of Human Physiology and BiochemistryDr.Chem., Assistant professor Aris Kaksis Medicine112B - Restricted elective course2015.08.11.Syllabus
AURK_008FIRST AIDDepartment of Anaesthesiology and Intensive, Professor Indulis VanagsMedicine111A - Compulsory course2015.08.11.Syllabus
CFUBK_006MEDICAL CHEMISTRYDepartment of Human Physiology and BiochemistryAssistant Professor Aris KaksisMedicine113A - Compulsory course2015.08.11.Syllabus
BUMK_013MEDICINAL PLANTS AND THEIR USEDepartment of Biology and MicrobiologyDr.paed. Assistant Professor Rudīte HaheleMedicine112B - Restricted elective course2015.08.11.Syllabus
HZK_006RESEARCH ETHICSDepartment of HumanitiesDr.phil., Assistant Professor Ivars NeidersMedicine112B - Restricted elective course2016.03.07.Syllabus
HZK_027SOCIAL AND COMMUNICATION PSYCHOLOGYDepartment of, Mg.phil., Assistant Professor Vents SīlisMedicine112B - Restricted elective course2015.12.03.Syllabus
VC_008MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY IN LATINLanguage CentreMg.Philol., Mg.Paed. Ņina ZazerskaMedicine11, 22A - Compulsory course2015.08.11.Syllabus
MVI_005HISTORY OF MEDICINE AND LIFE SCIENCESInstitute of the History of Medicineprofessor Juris Salaks Medicine11,22A - Compulsory course2015.08.11.Syllabus
FK_009MEDICAL PHYSICSDepartment of PhysicsAssistant Professor, Dr.phys. Jevgenijs ProskurinsMedicine11,24A - Compulsory course2015.08.11.Syllabus
BUMK_019MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND GENETICSDepartment of Biology and MicrobiologyDr.biol., Associate Professor Erika Nagle Medicine11,24A - Compulsory course2015.08.11.Syllabus
HZK_018PHILOSOPHY OF MEDICINE AND BIOETHICSDepartment of HumanitiesDr. phil., Assistant Professor Ivars Neiders Medicine11,22A - Compulsory course2015.08.11.Syllabus
MK_026HUMAN ANATOMY, INCLUDING DISSECTION COURSEDepartment of, Assistant Professor Dzintra KazokaMedicine11;26A - Compulsory course2015.08.11.Syllabus
CFUBK_001BIOCHEMISTRYDepartment of Human Physiology and BiochemistryAssoc. professor Jeļena KrasiļņikovaMedicine124A - Compulsory course2015.08.11.Syllabus
HZK_029DISCRIMINATION RISKS IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CAREDepartment of HumanitiesMg.phil., Invited Lecturer Laura BitinieceMedicine122B - Restricted elective course2015.12.03.Syllabus
BUMK_007INTRODUCTION TO ECOLOGYDepartment of Biology and MicrobiologyMg.ScBiol, lecturer Māra PakalnišķeMedicine122B - Restricted elective course2015.08.11.Syllabus
FK_032NANOTECHNOLOGIES IN MEDICINEDepartment of PhysicsMg.phys., assistant Kaspars KaprānsMedicine122B - Restricted elective course2015.08.14.Syllabus
HZK_004PERSONALITY PSYCHOLOGYDepartment of HumanitiesDr.phil., Professor Vija SīleMedicine122B - Restricted elective course2015.08.11.Syllabus
HZK_012PHILOSOPHICAL ANTHROPOLOGYDepartment of HumanitiesMg.phil.,, Assistant Professor Vents SīlisMedicine122B - Restricted elective course2015.08.11.Syllabus
FK_031PHYSICAL PRINCIPLES OF STRUCTURE AND USE OF MEDICAL EQUIPMENTDepartment of PhysicsDr.phys., assistant professor Renārs ErtsMedicine122B - Restricted elective course2015.08.11.Syllabus
VPUPK_169PERSONALITY AND HEALTHDepartment of Health Psychology and PaedagogyDr.psych., acting assist. prof. Viktorija PerepjolkinaMedicine1, 21, 32B - Restricted elective course2015.08.11.Syllabus
VPUPK_166SELF-SUFFICIENCY AND SELF-REGULATIONDepartment of Health Psychology and PaedagogyDr.psych., assistant Jeļena ĻevinaMedicine1, 21, 32B - Restricted elective course2015.08.11.Syllabus
VC_010MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY IN LATVIANLanguage CentreMg.philol., lecturer Inga LaizāneMedicine1, 3, 41, 5, 6, 7, 82B - Restricted elective course2015.09.14.Syllabus
MK_007HISTOLOGY AND MEDICAL CELL BIOLOGYDepartment of,, Professor Māra PilmaneMedicine1,21,2,37A - Compulsory course2015.08.11.Syllabus
VC_031LATVIAN LANGUAGE IN MEDICINELanguage CentreMg.paed., Mg.philol., lecturer Dace ŽibalaMedicine1,21,2,36A - Compulsory course2015.08.11.Syllabus
SUUK_049NORDIC WALKINGDepartment of Sports and NutritionDr.paed., Assistant professor Irēna UpenieceMedicine1,21,2,3,42B - Restricted elective course2015.10.15.Syllabus
VPUPK_142HEALTH BEHAVIOURDepartment of Health Psychology and PaedagogyDr.psych., assistant Jeļena ĻevinaMedicine1,21,32B - Restricted elective course2015.08.11.Syllabus
VC_006MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY IN RUSSIANLanguage CentreMg. philol., lektore Ludmila JermakovičaMedicine1,2, 4, 51,4, 7, 8, 9, 102B - Restricted elective course2015.08.11.Syllabus
CFUBK_010ADAPTATION OF BODILY FUNCTIONSDepartment of Human Physiology and BiochemistryMg. biol., Acting Lecturer Artūrs PapardeMedicine232B - Restricted elective course2015.08.11.Syllabus
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